Do not let heavy spring rains get you down

One of the most annoying things is a heavy spring rain that lasts for hours or days. It can actually be enjoyable if you are at home and you are in good company- just by yourself or with friends – and are cozy with plenty of food. One thing though, can really put a damper on things. Picture several clogged gutters and water cascading down the sides of your house, washing away your landscaping. Now imagine water trickling through your interior window frames and wet dark spots forming on your living room ceiling. You don’t have to be very creative to take the next few steps. You put on your raincoat and head to the garage to grab your trusty extension ladder. Since your wife does not volunteer to be the Maid of the Mist, you become the Knight in Shining Armor. You unclog one or two spots up high and promise yourself to finally buy that 10 year life insurance plan and even better call the Gutter Guard Kings in the morning to have them install gutter protection that really works!

Nothing Worse

Nothing worse than clogged gutters going into winter or spring!

For whatever reason your gutters may still be full of leaves. The cold temperatures freeze the debris and if any big rains arrive, the results can be waterfalls causing erosion around your landscaping and leaks in your windows and basement.  Take advantage of your next “warm day” forecast and give us a call. We can remove any 2016 leftovers in your gutters and if you want a free gutter guard estimate that be done at the same time! Treat yourself to the best and invite The Gutter Guard Kings to help out. Happy Spring!

Christmas To Do List

So you are making a list of things to be done before Christmas and winter.You are checking it twice – the gutters are naughty and full of leaves and wouldn’t it be nice to have gutter guards?! Put them on your Christmas wish list and the Gutter Guard Kings (and Elves) will be over in no time to install them for you. If you are feeling the holiday crunch they would be happy to simply clean your gutters before the Arctic air mass moves past your home and creates ice dams in those gutters!

Favorite Time of the Year

My favorite time of year is autumn, especially in the East with leaves changing colors. Some fall on the ground creating a beautiful ground cover of orange, yellow, brown and red. Other leaves never make it that far down. They fall onto roofs or directly into rain gutters. Depending on how long they stay up in the gutter, they turn into mush, compost, or form clogs in the downspout. It does not take long for them to cause anything from ice dams to flooded basements, to eroded flower beds and gardens. A rain gutter is a great invention but only if it is working properly. Just like a car needs an oil change or has windshield wipers to help in the rain and snow, rain gutters need gutter guards to keep them clean to function best.

Please call us, The Guard Guard Kings today.

We are The Gutter Guard Kings

Are you surrounded by trees casting beautiful shadows on your house?

Well, you are lucky to have that comfortable shade especially in the hot summer months.

Come spring and fall your sometimes may have second thoughts, with the debris, leaves and seeds bombarding you and filling up your gutters. If then clogged in the spring, mosquitoes could begin to have a perfect breeding ground. Not good.

However, you are lucky again! For more than 30 years we have been cleaning these gutters and found two types of gutter-guards that are 100% effective! Not only will they keep everything out of the gutter, except the water, but they also come with a 20 years no clog warranty.
So don’t worry, call us and keep enjoying your shade!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you out there!

We have the perfect gift for you to give, that is, The Champion Gutter Guards for the whole house! What are we talking about? It is a 100% effective gutter guard that comes with a 20 year a guarantee to never clog!
It will keep your sweetheart off the ladders, on the ground, and hopefully in your arms.

Call us today for a free estimate and a Valentine’s Day special valued at $110 off!**
Retire from gutter cleaning!

** offer expires 2/29/16

Howdy from The Gutter Guard Kings!

The leaves are almost all down. Time to get the ladder out and clean out those pesky gutters again. Whoa! Are you ready for the good news?
This time call The Gutter Guard Kings and save an arm and a leg and a lot of groaning! We will clean out your gutters at a reasonable price so you don’t have to fear for your life!
We will even clean them for free if you decide to treat yourself to our 100% effective, clog free gutter guards that come with a 25 year warranty.
Call us for a free estimate as well.

Merry Christmas from The Gutter Guard Kings!

The Heat Wave is Over!

The Heat Wave is Over! A cool breeze is setting in and the rains are on their way. Leaves are changing color and some of them are falling on your lawn.

Are your gutters clean or do they look like a high altitude nursery? If there even is a perfect time to shop around for a perfect gutter guards this is the time! Stop lugging around that dreaded extension ladder. Don’t become another fatality in the battle of the leaves! Stay indoors or on the ground and let your new gutter guards do the work!

A great while….

Once in a great while certain gutter guards will have a problem.
Pine needles or other small debris, like roof granules, will enter the small holes or perforations in your gutter guards. That is a flaw causing a clog in certain situations and the associated overflow of water making this guard system useless.
Well now there is Champion Gutter Guards! They are perfection. Made from stainless steel micro mesh they do not let anything in but the water. and lots of it! 150 inches per hour!
This is what homeowners have been looking for: a flawless solution, Celebrate your independence from gutter cleaning by call us!


You might be one of the few people who did not get to clean out your rain gutters last year.
You might be one of the many people who are without gutter guards.
Or, you might be one of the thousands who are not satisfied with their guards.
Please call us and we will discuss your situation!
We have 35 years experience with rain gutters and 15 years experience with gutter guards!

We also install seamless gutters in about 60 colors.
We are The Gutter Guard Kings!